Back to School with Black BARK Magic ERG

2 min readAug 15, 2023


Pencils up, pups!! It’s back to school ✏️

This year, our employee resource group, Black BARK Magic (BBM), is going above the call of doody by providing back to school bliss to schools in East Harlem in partnership with GuardFam. Co-lead of BBM, Alex Terry, gives us the scoop!

Tell us about you and your role at BARK

Hello, Alex Terry here, Workplace Experience Manager at BARK. I also co-lead of the BARK’s Employee Resource Group, Black BARK Magic.

Alex Terry, our NYC Workplace Experience Manager and co-lead of Black BARK Magic ERG 🙌

Tell us about Black BARK Magic and your mission

Our mission is to educate our colleagues on education, events, history and ways to support the African American (BIPOC) community at BARK and at large.

GuardFam is a basketball program specializing in shaping young athletes through camp, events, seminars and basketball tournaments.

What inspired you to do this event with GuardFam?

Most public schools in my community and other urban areas of NYC are facing budget cuts. Using our ERG network to drive means of support to these schools & the children in Harlem is my mission. BARK & Black BARK Magic has supported many impactful initiatives over the years. It gives me great confidence knowing I have the support of my team to give back to a community that has done so much for me and for others.

How can the rest of us help?!
If you’d like to help the kids start school on a great paw, simply click the link HERE to order supplies from our Target registry. If that’s not something you can do right now, please share!

Have a great school year, everyone!!