Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with BARK!

Khaleynie has two dogs! Mikey, a 5-year-old Pittie, and Bella is a 5-year-old Husky :) Mikey loves to snuggle and is a devoted food connoisseur (he’ll eat anything you give him). Bella loves to sunbathe and has the zoomies about 3–4 times a day.

What ERG are you a part of?

I am a co-lead of the LatinX ERG! (Alongside Kayla Calvillo)

The photo above is from a LatinX ERG event!

Tell us what excites you about the ERG you are a part of at BARK:

I really enjoy being a part of the LatinX ERG because it gives us the chance to build a community within the company, collaborate on topics we’d like to bring awareness to and plan events that can help LatinX individuals across the U.S.

The photo above is from a LatinX ERG event!

If it is your heritage/celebration month, tell us about the importance of this month to you.

Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month is coming up, and it is important to me because it gives us the chance to highlight our people/cultures. We have our similarities, but are different in the most beautiful ways which deserve equal appreciation!

What are some exciting ways you celebrate your culture?

Food is a huge part of Puerto Rican culture, so I stay close to that, and am constantly trying/cooking new recipes and sharing that with my friends and family!

What are some ways others can get involved in celebrating and supporting this month?

Keep up to date on current events happening in the Latinx community, use your voice to bring awareness to necessary topics, and get involved in your local community!

Find out more about our ERG’s on our LinkedIn Life Diversity, Equity & Inclusion tab!



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