Go Forth and Winter with RainBARK ERG

2 min readDec 21, 2022


Lights, camera, MORE LIGHTS. Winter is officially here and our RainBARK ERG celebrated accordingly spending a night under the stars at the local conservatory.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like they had a really awful time.

Bianca Moore, co-lead of RainBARK, pictured here having the worst day of her life.

I mean… look at them.

RainBARK members, Rachael and Austin, wishing they had spent the night in watching Hallmark movies.
Just a bunch of RainBARK people having a terrible time, nothing to see here.

There weren’t even dogs.

This is the best they could get.

Ok, enough of that. Our RainBARK ERG truly knows how to reach the allies and LGBTQIA+ members of BARK. They provide a safety net to our LGBTQIA+ community when times are tough. They host educational workshops like Gender Identification and Transgender Inclusion with Dr. AC Fowlkes. And then sometimes, they go forth and WINTER (yes, I used that as a verb and I’m sticking to it), enjoying each other’s company under the stars, celebrating all it means to be part of RainBARK.

Idk if these lights were supposed to be gay but they are now.

TLDR: If you haven’t wandered through millions of lights with your coworkers this season, then what are you even doing?! Time is of the essence!

Happy Winter, everyone!