Happier and Happier

Danielle joined the BARK team a little over 4 years ago and has been making BARK families happy worldwide ever since!

What do you love about being a BARK employee?

I love being a BARK employee for many reasons. What really stands out to me is the atmosphere and platform we have created for every single employee to feel heard and valued. The growth that I see daily within our teams is outstanding to witness.

How does your role impact BARK’s mission of “make all dogs happy”?

I appreciate the opportunity to plant seeds with everyone on my team so they continue to grow and give the best possible experience for all of our customers and their pups. I am also able to connect personally with our customers letting them know that we genuinely want their dog to be as happy as possible.

What is your favorite memory made while working at BARK?

I have made amazing memories with BARK which is so cool to say. It is a close call but my favorite memory to date would be Dird fest. When the New York office and the Columbus office joined forces for a magical time. If you are a dird then I am a dird and I will leave you with that.

We’re honored to be able to spotlight you, Danielle! Keep up the awesome work!



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