Life’s a Drag… Play Bingo!

3 min readJun 8, 2022


The BARK Columbus office kicked off our Pride Month celebrations with bingo night hosted by the one and only, Dee W. Ieye at Taft’s Brewporium.

Happy Pride, y’all!

Dogs and their people filled the room waving Pride flags and screaming, “ONE AWAY” as the race to Drag Bingo victory ensued. If our bingo achievements don’t concern you and you’re just here for the dogs, they did not disappoint. I mean, do they ever?

June and Lola love you for who you are and that’s a fact!

Beyond Pride month, you will see our RainBARK employee resource group planning meaningful programming throughout the year such as social mixers, game nights, and photoshoots for the LGBTQIA+ employees of BARK. We also offer year-round sensitivity trainings and medical benefits that allow our employees to be 100% their authentic selves without any barriers. Our diverse workforce is our biggest asset so we mean business when we say they are supported and celebrated ALL. YEAR.

If you don’t bingo, what are you even doing???

So what’s on deck for the rest of Pride month at BARK?! Glad you asked. We will be hosting Ms. Linda Reads next week to share Pride-themed books with BARK’s 2 legged puppies (the children of BARK employees if you didn’t get my awk joke), another Drag Bingo night in our NY home office, and a LGBTQIA+ safety training by our friends at BRAVO.

And a bunch more of these gay stickers for obvious reasons.

Not pictured: all of the wildly popular gay frog stickers.

Until next time… Happy Pride, everybody!




Be the person your dog thinks you are.