Love is in the Air at BARK 💕

2 min readFeb 14, 2023


Do you feel it?? Life’s going pretty well, but it could be better, right?? There’s a feeling telling you, “you need more, you deserve more. YOU NEED ANOTHER DOG.”

Well, your feelings are totally valid here. This is a safe space 😉 So come and stay a while, we have some ADORABLE dogs in mind for you.

Our friends from A.D.O.P.T. Rescue, Purebred Rescue of Ohio, and RESCUEDohio stole hearts while they modeled for our photo team last week. Truly, a super sweet afternoon at the Columbus office for some deserving pups who needed new pics to flex on Instagram (or whatever the youths use these days).

I’m not playin’ ahound. Inga, Willow, and Tessa are some heckin’ good dogs. Learn more about them at RESCUEDohio!

Oh, you thought that I was done?? WRONG.

The beautiful, graceful, and gassy queens: Vixen & Remy from Purebred Rescue of Ohio.

Let’s all remember, you can find love at any age. Don’t give up!! These pups sure haven’t.

Titan, Gizmo, and Frankie from RESCUEDohio BELIEVE IN LOVE!!!!

And finally, what’s the fun if there’s no chase??

Chase, a really fun guy from ADOPT Pet Rescue 😎

Biggest thanks to our amazing and talented photo team in Columbus, they really knocked it out of the park. That’s it for today, folks! Happy love day!!