Our New Art Director is IG Famous!

Andrea Caceres joins the BARK team as Art Director for Subscription! Her brilliant drawings and passion for art made her IG famous with 35K followers! Wow!

Tell us about your dogs, Andrea!

I have two dogs.

Tobi is my soulmate. An 11-year-old silky terrier he is my dog since he is two months and he moved to the US from Venezuela. He has a very strong personality and lots of opinions. His favorite thing to do is going to the beach.

Sherlock or better known as Sherloco! Is a year and a half Weimaraner he is the sweetest dog I know. Very clumsy but so smart. His favorite trick is opening the fridge and steal the food inside!

Tell us what excites you about joining the BARK team:

I am very excited to be part of a very talented group of people. Ive always admire BARK’s passion for design.

What stood out to you about BARK that you have not seen at other companies?

BARK has always appear to me like a fun collaborative place to work, this and their love for dogs and how well thought all their products are was what it got me to be such a huge fan of the brand!

How does your role impact BARK’s mission of “make all dogs happy”?

I am happy to say I will be working on Barkbox, so basically would be part of my job to make the box experience to be truly unique and exciting to all the dogs subscribers.

How has the BARK pack made you feel welcomed in your first week?

Amazing! I love how everybody is so friendly and very welcoming from every department, I also loved my welcome buddies meeting and how the company seems to really care for their employees!



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