There’s Some Kids in This House!!

4 min readApr 20, 2023


A kid in the BARK office is the new kid in a candy store. You saw it here first.

Imogen very diligently answering some emails before she got demoted to coloring. Photo credit: Lauren Holle

If you happened to catch last year’s Kids Day @ BARK feature, you must know this year was EVEN better! Our Workplace Experience Teams in Columbus & NYC hosted 48 kids for a day of fun, snacks, and dogs — the 3 things we do best ofc 💁🏽‍♂️

Now I know what you’re thinking, “who the hell let these children have REAL bingo daubers??” And the answer is umm… me, a childless millennial 🥲 Rest assured, everything ended up as messy and wonderful as expected.

Left: Chelsea Tanksley, our Training Associate, hosts a thrilling game of bingo in Columbus⏐Middle: Hernán Giraldo, VP of Customer Experience Ops, and his two girls Luna & Mia CRUSHED it ⏐Right: Connor gets a bingo!

While our kiddos in Columbus basked in Puppy Bingo victory, our NY kids embarked on a scavenger hunt through one of the city’s coolest offices (according to our dogs and Fast Company too).

Top left: Anthony Lamberty, our Associate Director of Toy Design, introduces Lucas to our lord and savior, the Bevi seltzer robot⏐Top right: Issac and his mom, Shirley, provide the entertainment for our play-doh spectators⏐Bottom left: Ethan and his mom, Dana Rosenkranz, celebrated his 1st birthday here at BARK! ⏐Bottom right: Skarly and her mom Tanya Mendoza, our AP Specialist, take on the ball pit!

We’re not total boneheads here at BARK. Kids Day also included some educational programming of which my mom would totally approve. In addition to art classes from our Creative Team & Card Art team, special guests from Canine Companions and Shelby Semel Dog Training joined to teach us about their amazing work!

Left: WATCH OUT! Toy Designer, Daisy Chan has Maeve and these other young artists ready to take on the world one dog drawing at a time!⏐Middle: Luna and our Card Artist, Lindsey Kaufman, are truly the best!⏐ Right: Rio and Ani are also on their way to pro artist status.
Left: Story time should always include dogs, especially with Buddy and his human, Steph Foucs, our People Ops Associate. Kennedy agrees.⏐Right: Kyrie and his mom De’Airra Sullivan, our Talent Acquisition Manager, in awe after this service pup in training picked up a tv remote for us! Nobody ever pets me for picking up the remote but whatever.

You bet we saved the best for last. These kids learned so many skills from Kids Day @ BARK, we figured they’ll surely need to start the job hunt soon. Time is of the essence! Lauren Holle from our photo team got our BARK kids ready for their standout LinkedIn profiles.

Kennedy, Jude, and JD are comin’ for your jobs
I MEAN IT. Is YOUR LinkedIn photo this cute??? We have nothing on Declan, Isabelle, and Emilio
Bexley, Makenzi, Mia and Luna: you can just have my job. You’re prob more qualified tbh.

Wow, we absolutely love our BARK parents, aunts, uncles, auncles, big siblings and cousins. If these kids aren’t fully employed next year, they better be back for Kids Day 3.0. Now I just gotta figure out how to swing “take your parent to work day.”